5 Signature Christmas Drinks For Your Christmas Party

A signature drink is a fantastic way to compliment an event. After all, drinks are an important part of the overall experience. You want your event to stand out and be memorable – one way to do this is with delicious, extra special, signature cocktails. If you use a mobile bar hire service, you can ask a professional mixologist to craft a unique drink to suit the occasion.

Signature cocktails are suitable for all types of events. They’re great for a special occasion such as a wedding. You might want a bespoke cocktail that reflects the bride and groom’s personalities. Signature cocktails also work really well at themed events, for instance, you might imagine a cocktail that represents a particular culture or era. Holiday parties can also be spiced up with signature cocktails. Think Christmassy flavours for example. You get the gist…

A signature cocktail is unique and makes a statement about an event. To give you an idea, we’ve chosen some cocktails from our drinks brochure to demonstrate what a signature drink says about your event.

1. Mulled Spice:-

Think Christmas, think mulled wine.  Check out our beautiful concoction of mulled wine, gin, homemade chai tea, fresh lemon & cherry bitters.  Christmas in a cup! Created for our 2017 Christmas partie’s this beautifully balanced cocktail is certainly going to warm you up in the winter season and perfect for any kind of Christmas party.  Served with garnishes heavy on winter spices and winter fruits why not serve it in our quirky metal tins like so:

 2.  Smoking Martini’s:-

The Martini is a classic drink made famous by James Bond. We serve it up to you with a twist – a smoking effect created by dry ice. What does this say about your event? Well, Martinis are for a sophisticated set of people. They’re a favourite with an intelligent crowd. Martini drinkers are always mysterious and the smoke shrouds the drinker in mystery even further. So, your event is epitomized by class, sophistication and exclusivity.  Add a white snow garnish to your bubbling cocktail for added Christmas effect.

3.  Christmas Cosmopolitan’s:-

Cosmopolitans have always been fun and fruity, that’s why the Sex and the City ladies loved them so much. We take the fun up a notch with candy! Not only are cosmopolitans drunk by people who have fun, but also fashionable and friendly people. A christmas cosmopolitan will give your christmas party a sense of glamour, and an amorous air too.  Using candy and Christmas sweets we jazz up this classic cocktail.  What a variation on the classic cosmo says about your event is that it’s social. The crowd will mix perfectly.

4.  Chambord Caviar in Champagne:-

There’s a rule that champagne must be present at all events – weddings, awards, any kind of celebration. It’s expected. But something that will be unexpected for your guests is molecular caviar in the form of little spheres bouncing around in their drinks. This signature drink screams elegance, decadence and extravagance. Champagne is favoured by a refined crowd, but caviar and champagne together this way takes refinement to the next level at your event.  After all it is Christmas so why not pop a bottle and add some character to your Christmas fizz.

5.  Christmas Board Experiences:-

Provide your staff with a culinary treat for Christmas.  Our drinks team put on a liquid delight of an experience presenting our signature boards during dinner with a highly presented slate of Christmas cocktails and accessories.  The perfect antidote to an apres dinner or talking point prior to party time!  Below showcases a poppy infused vodka, homemade walnut and chocolate liqeur delight.  Served with a foam designed to write a Christmas message on for your guests or an oppurtunity to reaffirm the company’s name for it’s Christmas party!

Our signature drinks are delightful. As you can see, they add to the atmosphere of an event. But you don’t have to stick to Mr Flavour’s cocktails (though they are highly recommended). You can create a signature drink of your very own with our mobile bar hire service. Our mixologists produce stunning bespoke cocktails with the ingredients and flavour