50s Theme Party Ideas

Mr Flavour have been hosting themed parties across the country for over 8 years always creating an event tailored specifically for each clients request and for today’s blog we will be going more into detail on 1950s theming and ideas for your 1950s themed party:-

There’s nothing cooler than a party with a classy, retro vibe. As time goes on, we’re looking further to the past for all kinds of style inspiration and the 1950s was certainly a stylish era. So, whether you have a passion for all things vintage or you’re taking a walk down memory lane for your party, the 50s theme is going to be a hoot. If you need further inspiration for your event then we have some fantastic ideas for you from milkshake bar hire in your very own diner to décor that’s totally retro.

Food & Drink

An American-style diner dinner would certainly fit the 50s theme. There are some classic foods in this category that you couldn’t do without. Have your guests indulge in cheeseburgers and fries served up in retro basket as they would have been back in the day. For dessert, offer piles of pancakes or waffles with syrup – typical dishes you’d get in a diner.

As for the drinks, something that would really excite your guests would be to hire a milkshake bar. Our Mr Flavour mixologists can whip you up some sweet treats quicker than you can say Grease Lightning. If you choose our milkshake bar hire service we’d be happy to put together some delicious bespoke milkshakes using a range of ice cream, fruits and syrups. Cheeseburgers and shakes are exactly what you would expect from an American diner.


Seeing as you want to transport your guests back in time, you can continue the diner theme with the décor. This could involve retro style elements such as gingham table covers and red leather seating. You can also introduce some rock and roll touches that will make your guests feel like they’re in the decade of the legendary Elvis Presley, such as records as decoration, a jukebox and fun props – blow-up guitar anyone? Certain colours and patterns also work well with the 50s theme. Think pastel pinks and blues, stripes and polka dots and maybe even a black and white checkerboard floor.

 A 50s theme event gives you and your guests the opportunity to don some retro garbs. That’s the really fun part! When you think 50s clothing, you immediately conjure up the image of the iconic outfits from the film Grease. Leather jackets are cool but there are other ways to adopt the 50s style. The preppy look complete with tight sweaters or cardigans, of course. The men can wear stylish suits and hats a la Frank Sinatra and other swing singers. For the ladies, there were some beautiful silhouettes in the 50s, such as circle swing dresses and pencil skirts. Pop on your petticoat and you’re ready to go!

All in all, if you’re planning a 50s theme party, it’s the special touches that will give your guests the full experience of the era. So, don’t forget to consider our milkshake bars when planning your event.  Looking for further inspiration on themed parties?  Also check out some more themed party ideas we have ran in the past.

Photo Credits to Down for the Count