Five Ways to Create Indulgent Summer Drinks

At Mr Flavour we are renowned for creating magical drinks creations and showstopping cocktails. If you are looking for something different to drink on those late summer nights, here are five of our top tips for injecting a touch of glamour into your drinks at home.

Molecular Caviar

Caviar spherification adds a visually stunning touch to any drink.  These tiny spheres are set in motion by carbonated drinks, and look gorgeous in a glass of champagne, a gin and tonic, or any cocktail. They are available to buy in a huge variety of flavours, and with a few pieces of equipment you can begin to make your own unique flavours at home. Spirits, liqueurs and juices make the best flavourings but any other liquid will also work. This is where the molecular part comes in: dissolve sodium alginate in water, then mix in your chosen flavour. Dissolve calcium chloride in water to create a sodium chloride bath, and add the sodium alginate mix one drop at a time to form the spheres.

Cocktail Ice Lollies

In the warmer summer months, cool off by making your favourite cocktail into a refreshing ice lolly. This is a great option for grown-up garden parties and sophisticated barbeques, and there are so many ways to personalise your frozen concoction. These adult ice lollies are very easy to make, all you need are moulds and your chosen ingredients. Gin and tonic ice lollies work a treat, and you can add a slice of lime or cucumber in the centre for extra aesthetic appeal. One thing to watch out for with these refreshing treats, too much alcohol can prevent them from freezing, so only add a small amount per person.

Shimmering Liqueurs

Add a touch of luxury to any homemade drinks creation by using shimmering liqueurs. Any spirit can be used to create this spellbinding effect, just add simple sugar syrup and a pinch of edible lustre dust. Edible lustre is often used in baking and cake decorating, and it is available to buy from most craft and cookware retailers as well as online. The lustre is available in many different colours, and produces a stunning iridescent effect when mixed with alcohol.

Gravity Defying Garnishes

Spanish chef Ferran Adria coined the technique of suspending solid elements in cocktails for an impressive visual effect. This gravity-defying technique involves mixing a small amount of xanthan gum into the cocktail mixture to thicken the liquid slightly and keep the fruit garnish suspended in your glass. It is important to make sure the cocktail itself is a clear liquid for this technique to have maximum impact, so beware of poor quality xanthan gum which can cause clouding.


Jellification is the process of turning a liquid into a gel. Using this process with alcohol and fruit based ingredients allow you to eat your favourite cocktail flavours. It is a very simple technique, just add either gelatine or a vegetarian alternative to your cocktail mixture, pour into moulds and leave it to set. Exceptionally high alcohol cocktails won’t set correctly, so if you are using several high strength spirits, dilute your mixture with some juice, sugar syrup or water. After a bit of practice, you can begin to try out layered jelly cocktails and experimenting with colours and garnishes.

There are countless more ways to enjoy cocktails creatively. These ideas are simple enough for you to recreate at home, but if you are planning an event why not let Mr Flavour take care of the drinks for you? We provide bar hire, expert mixologists and bespoke service for events nationwide, so contact us to discuss your requirements.