Four Ways to Use Shisha Creatively

Shisha is much more than just smoking; it is an experience, a social activity, and it has never been more popular. At Mr Flavour creativity is at the heart of what we do, so here are some creative hints and tips to immerse yourself in the inspiring world of shisha.

Create Bespoke Flavours Tailored to your Tastes

Shisha has surged in popularity over recent years and that means the flavours on offer have too. There is no need to limit your options when it comes to choosing shisha flavours, there are limitless aromas to choose from.  Our expertise is in creating bespoke shisha flavours to suit you and your event, and everything is completely customisable. Did you know you can also make your own shisha? All you need is tobacco, molasses, vegetable glycerine and your favourite flavour ingredient. That could be something fruity, herbal or based around your favourite cocktail. Don’t be afraid to be creative and experiment with flavours, it is what shisha is all about!

Make an Old Bottle into a Hookah Pipe

We are really proud of our traditional shisha pipes as each one is handcrafted using highest quality materials and imported from Egypt. However, shisha pipes don’t have to be complex or elaborate, and there are many ways to make your own hookah. With just a simple glass bottle and a few bits and pieces from a hardware store, you can construct your own bespoke piece of smoking apparatus. If you are looking for a sleek and modern shisha for your event, we can supply either an electronic or a tobacco shisha pipe crafted by hand from bottles of your favourite spirit or champagne.

Sample some Gastronomic Shisha

Shisha meets molecular gastronomy in a new concept which has taken restaurants in Turkey, Japan and Switzerland by storm. By using a combination of volcanic stones and charcoal, this type of ‘luxury hookah’ has stripped back the tobacco flavours to allow you to inhale complex food aromas, from chicken to fish and even oysters. It is designed to be smoked alongside a meal rather than to replace the dining experience all together, and the aromas can complement and enhance the flavours in a meal to create a spectacular taste experience.

Inhale your Favourite Cocktail

As well as gastronomical shisha, your favourite cocktail can be combined with shisha in a number of ways. We can flavour shisha with any number of cocktail combinations, including some of Mr Flavour’s special bespoke drinks creations. To bring your cocktail in smoke form to life, the water in the bottom of the bowl can be replaced with a spirit of your choice to enhance the flavour and create an irresistible alcoholic shisha – an original way to get the party started. For a recent wedding, we even created a mojito cocktail shisha infusion and served it alongside mango sorbets to draw out a myriad of flavours and create a showstopping end to the meal.

If you are planning an event, wedding or other celebration why not add a unique centrepiece such as one of our bespoke hookah pipes?  We can wow your guests with original, creative flavours and attentive service. Contact us to find out more about our extensive shisha range.