In Fruit and Veg We Trust

Smoothies – the evolution of quick nutrient intake. Over the last few years the ‘fit foods’ industry has blossomed with supermarkets stocking numerous shelves of healthy alternatives to snacks, carbonated drinks, lunches and processed foods. One of the biggest successes in aiding the public to intake their daily fruit & veg requirements has been smoothies. Using the latest commercial blenders to provide the smoothest smoothies, Mr Flavour have been busy with creating a new smoothie menu for clients and a smoothie photoshoot:-

Researching different fruits, vegetables, nuts & seeds, our team of drinks specialists have designed a smoothies menu designed to encapsulate the huge diversity and goodness of all the latest research on health food.

The culmination of many days in the Kitchens with fruits & veg being squeezed, blended, shaken & peeled, it is now finished – our new menu!

Designed with experiential events & corporate events in mind, the menu consists of 4 types of smoothies:-

  1. ‘Healthies’       Our very own mix of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals & cleansers
  2. ‘Fruities’          Our fruit cocktails of complementary fruits from around the world
  3. ‘Berries’          A unique mix of seeded & unseeded berries for the ultimate antioxidant
  4. ‘Limeys’           For those who enjoy a sour drink

What comes in a smoothie bar hire package?

  • Choice of smoothie bar from our diverse bar collection
  • Choice of branding your bar for your company or private event
  • Full commercial smoothie equipment hire
  • Choice of 3 smoothies from our menu
  • Mr Flavour mixologists
  • Unlimited glasswear or plastics
  • Full travel costs
  • Events Insurance

When booking your smoothie bar hire package with Mr Flavour you have the choice of drinks being served in full glasswear or PET cups & domes for your guests to take their freshly created smoothies away, perfect for exhibitions & conferences.

With benefits of smoothies including an increase in energy, immune system boosters, improve hair, skin & nails, aid vision & hearing, smoothie bar hire packages are perfect for companies who want to be seen to have a caring or health conscious ethos.  Smoothie bar hire packages have also been popular with companies in rewarding staff or to improve staff morale in offices Nationwide.  For more information on our smoothie bar packages click here or for other office event concepts check out our corporate events page

Speak with one of our professionals today to discuss your smoothie bar hire requirements & to view our smoothie options so you can have a Mr Flavour smoothie created fresh for you soon!