Linacre Ball 2017 – Reverie Theme

On the 30th May Mr Flavour was proud to create a bespoke ‘reverie’ bar designed for the Linacre Ball. Our client brief was to provide 900 bespoke cocktails based on drinks with a ‘dreamy’ vibe. Our creative team created candy floss martinis, bubbling caviar apple mojitos & a galaxy smoke space & stardust martini.

Having worked with the university committee closely for over 4 months, our event manager Paul was in regular contact with Brittany to aid all logistic operations and provide a clear communications channel between the committee, the college & ourselves. To aid a smooth event, Mr Flavour provided site inspections, fire risk checks and full policy cover to allay any worries the venue may have with the college being a listed building.

The cocktails went down a huge hit with 900 cocktails being taken in less than 4 hours with Mr Flavour supporting the university with an additional 250 serves. The linacre ball were then given the LED bar installed for their event to use to serve guava & orange mimosas for the remainder of the ball.

Having hosted Oxford & Cambridge May Balls for over 6 years, Mr Flavour Events have become accustomed in delivering high quality cocktails that have specialised visual elements with a very short timeline to reduce waiting times and provide a unique service unmatched throughout the UK. Check out some of the photos from the Linacre Ball below and keep an eye out for future blogs showing latest events as we enter graduation period and have some exciting events coming up!

The Linacre College Ball 2017 could not have been happier with the bespoke cocktail service provided by Mr Flavour. The incredibly professional and accommodating staff were wonderful to work with as they endeavoured to meet each and every one of our requests. Entertaining, theatric and generous service was delivered by the team on the night which was enjoyed by all of our guests. No matter how big or small your event, I would highly recommend Mr Flavour.

Brittany Maguire Drinks Office Linacre Ball 2017

If you are a member of a ball committee for your university college or event organiser for your graduation ball, don’t hesitate to get in touch and discuss drinks that are tailored to the theme of your ball today!