Menu Launch For 2018 Events

2017 was a very busy year for us here at Mr Flavour HQ with events ranging from the Abu Dhabi F1 to creating wedding cocktails nationwide.  January provided us with a little breather and to reinvigorate our concepts and thinking outside the box for our 2018 events.  With this in mind our mixology menus for liquid catering have taken a revamp to showcase new trends, methods, visuals and theatrics!

When creating and consulting on our new packages we asked ourselves a few questions; what do our customers want? what do our clients want? what do our wedding couples want? What new concepts can we add? How can we WOW guests this year?

The answers and consultations went long into the night and we decided our menus needed to be larger to cater for a range of different types of services, with that in mind our new cocktail bar hire packages now have 2 options:- Classics Package & Drink Differently Package

Classics Packages

Sometimes a traditional martini is required served in a classic manner!  Those old skool techniques that have been going on for decades that coincide with Bonds orders throughout his career, the cosmopolitan made famous by Sex And The City, the manhattan in Marilyn’s ‘Some Like It Hot’ movie and many more.  Certain drinks have affinities to them and people relate to good memories.  So if this is the case, a mojito at your wedding you shall have! Or gin bramble, bloody mary’s, pornstar martinis, daiqrui, the list goes on….

The Classics:-

Espresso Martini

Pornstar Martini



Blackberry Gin Bramble

Bloody Mary


Gin Fizz

Dirty Martini


Amaretto Sour

Dark & Stormy

Signature Gin & Tonic

Berry Daiquiri


Whiskey Sour

Drink Differently Packages

Our drink differently packages have been created for those clients looking for that engagement and wow factor in their drinks.  The drink differently packages offer upgraded glassware (and in some cases alternatives to glasswear!), full theatrics on service including the use of ingredients such as liquid nitrogen, dry ice, fire, molecular mixology, wood smoke infusions, cold smoke infusions and much more!  Our team has created 3 different menus for our customers to cherry pick which of our creations they would like served at their event.  The drink differently creations are broken down into:-

  • Contemporary
  • Quirky
  • Molecular


Our contemporary menu was designed based on current trends, flavours and popular liqueurs in the hospitality trade.  2017 was the year for rose gold and copper glassware and barware.  This year we are looking at using more galvanised metal to serve drinks in, evolving herbs into spirits, smoke infusions into whiskeys and much more.  Here are some examples from the contemporary menu:-

Smokey Beer Fashioned

A combination of bourbon whiskey, homemade dark beer syrup and angosture bitters chilled and stirred over ice.  This twist on a traditional old fashioned includes a cedar wood smoke infusion and is finished with a flamed orange zest & dehydrated orange wheel.  The cocktail is served in a prohibition glass whiskey flask and is the perfect gentlemen’s cocktail – a combination of beer and whiskey.

Favella Amor

Coconut rum, strawberry puree, homemade chilli syrup, fresh lemon juice, shaken and strained over ice then layered with prosecco and garnished with dehydrated strawberry slices.  Served in a galvanised metal bucket reminiscent of the streets of Rio.

  • Quirky

The thinking behind our quirky menu selection is be different.  Each drink on the quirky section has a talking point!  The whole point about the quirky’s are they are beautiful tasting cocktails but thats not the part thats going to get your attention!  The Quirky’s provide additional bar tools including black lights, edible bubble baths, popcorn boxes, noodle boxes and much more!  Doesn’t make sense?  Check out some quirky examples:-


The cocktail equivalent to a bubble bath:  Vodka, kiwi puree, kiwi liqueur, pressed apple juice and fresh lemon juice.  Shaken and strained over ice into a martini glass.  Finished off with an edible bubblemix foam and a rubber duck sat on the top of the drink.


Guranteed to make the hairs on your neck stand up.  Absolute citron vodka, violet parfait amour liqueur, edible glow paint, fresh lemon juice, cranberry juice, homemade lemongrass syrup.  Shaken, strained over ice and served in a lightbulb glass.  Garnished with a flamed orange zest and served in UV light with a glow stick.

  • Molecular

Where science meets drinks, using a range of molecular techniques derived from food gastronomy, Mr Flavour have created a menu for the future.  Featuring spherification, dry ice infusions, liquid nitrogen freezing and many others, Mr Flavour can create bespoke options not seen before at events.  Whether it is serving drinks upside down to creating a drink in a fire, this menu is designed to be highly visual caused by chemical reactions!


Japanese for fire!  This oriental inspired cocktail includes martini rosso cooked with chai tea, sloe gin, yuzu syrup infused with cardamom,fresh lemon juice and pressed cranberry juice.  Watch the Kasai be created in the fire on the bar top by your bartender.  A ricecake with your logo is optional as the final garnish.

Absolute Zero

Absolute Zero

Raspberry vodka, homemade mango puree, raspberry frambois, lemon bitters, mango juice.  The mixture is liquid nitrogen frozen and turned into an instant sorbet in front of customers at the bar.  The sorbet is served in a smoking bowl and finished with a fresh raspberry and mint sprig.