Mobile Cocktail Bar

Mobile Cocktail Bar | Portable Cocktail Bar

Need a little something to enhance your event to make it really special? Mr Flavour has the answer with a mobile cocktail bar. When you hire our mobile bar you add an air of sophistication to your event that not only acts as an attractant but creates an interesting buzz at your party. Plus, our professional staff happens to be excellent bar hosts as well. Mixology is more than a hobby to us – it’s a passion and as a result, when you have our mobile bar on site you’ll get more than just drinks. You’ll have access to our vast array of show-stopping drinks that will be unique to just your event and delivered in a range of techniques that will bring people to the bar.

Teach Your Guests How To Make Cocktails

One of our most popular mobile cocktail bar hires centres around an educational component. What do you think your event guests would do if they were offered a chance at learning how to make cocktails? This is a great party add-on at both corporate events and smaller private parties.

Master Classes Bring People Together

Cocktail master classes are the most popular mobile bar hire activity we offer at Mr Flavour. It is not only a fun exercise where your event participants can pick up a new skill, but it also offers a great way to socialise. For team building activities, a fun year-end party, a neighbourhood bash with friends or a completely organised corporate retreat can all be enhanced with the addition of a mobile cocktail bar. The possibilities are endless and your event will be the one everyone will be talking about for weeks and months afterwards. You may even show someone a new career path with the cocktail master classes.

The Word Mobile Is The Key

The mobile bar itself is small enough to be moved around easily. It also means that the venue for either the bar service or the cocktail master classes does not have to be very big at all. In fact, you can learn how to mix these drinks in the comfort of your own home if you so desired. Our professional event planners are leaders in the in the UK events management industry. Let us bring our knowledge and expertise to your next function and help you to liven it up with our mobile bar hire. What we are saying is that if you want your event to stand out from the rest and bring you a lot of extra attention, then we can help you with that.

Contact Mr Flavour Today For Portable Cocktail Bar and Mobile Cocktail Bar

We excel at making parties a little bit better than they would have been otherwise. That is why we prefer to personalise your event with something that is completely unique and features your personal touch. If a mobile cocktail bar fits into your personality, then that will be part of the event planning process. To have your event become more memorable, contact Mr Flavour today for details.