Molecular Mixology – The Evolution Of Cocktails

2019 Cocktail Party Ideas?

With 2018 coming into it’s last month, today’s blog is about the future!  Today we have decided to explain a little more about molecular mixology, what it is and how you should consider it into your party planning or event planning for 2019.  But first a little history….

Molecular mixology is derived from molecular gastronomy, where in ’92 an English cooking teacher Elizabeth Cawdry who was married to a physicist, proposed a workshop dedicated to teaching chefs the physical and chemical properties of food.  These workshops were attended by leading molecular chefs such as Heston who later pushed their own experiments and scientific research in the kitchen into how to present dishes in innovative ways.  The basic understanding of what happens to food as you cook it on a scientifc level allowed chefs to pair different foods on a molecular level to present quirky dishes that shouldn’t work together but somehow do.

Molecular mixology is the art of mixing drinks at a molecular level similar to how chefs do except cocktails/liqours/juices/syrups are the key ingredient studied and altered to present generic cocktails in different forms.

Molecular Mixology Events

Mr Flavour have been utilising molecular mixology in events for the last couple of years.  Using techniques such as spherification, jellification, foam infusions, nitro freezing, caviar creation, flavour changing, flavoured bubbles and smoke infusions.  Cocktails that have been tackled for a modernisation by the team include bloody marys, espresso martinis, mojitos, brambles and mojitos.  The challenge to bring these advanced techniques into an event environment consists of the time taken for molecular prep and waiting times in between molecular phases.  Our method of bringing these unique cocktails to the events market is using our inhouse ‘Flavour’ kitchens to do all of our prep 1-3 days prior to events so that we can concentrate on the final touches and garnishes live at the event.  We have showcased our molecular mixology events for pharmaceuticals/chemistry/biological companies parties Nationwide as well as charity events, private parties and weddings:-

Stand Out At Your Next Event

Passionate about your drinks?  Or maybe you want to wow your guests with the latest concepts seen at the best fine dining restaurants in the world brought to your house?  Speak to the team today about ways we can put an innovative spin on your favourite cocktails or serve some out of the box canapes at your next party!  Below is an example of a client request previously, our client was a passionate bloody mary fan who wanted a dining experience with this timeless classic:-