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Mr Flavour Consultancy Options

The task of running a new event, opening a new venue or trying to make drastic changes to your current business model can be very daunting. Our very experienced team of professionals are here on hand to offer a fully comprehensive range of consultancy services. We strive to help you make your bar or service the absolute best it can be.

Events Consultancy

Running an event bar can initially appear to be the simplest thing in the world. Place a bar in a space, some bartenders, stock and a cocktail list and you’re onto a winner. However, there are many more factors to consider especially if this is to be a temp structure which 99% of the time event bars are.  Sit back and let us take the stress out of this, our skilled team of dedicated event consultants will work through all the possible problems potentially overlooked to ensure the smoothest, most professional and efficient service.

New Venue Consultancy

A new venture is never simple, allow us to assist in bringing your concept to life. We have years of experience setting up venues throughout the UK and International. Let us manage the operational side of the start-up allowing you to focus on the most import job of being the face to the business and bringing new custom through your door. We can ensure that our skilled team of consultants look at each area in the brief to ensure you start on the right foot. So many other businesses call in consultant’s years after opening when they realise there are efficiency problems, stock loses, customer service problems and maybe more importantly design flaws. Our full consultancy services include:

Bar design & build management

Concept Menus

Staff Recruitment

Staff Training

GP Stock profiling

Beverage costing

Stock Taking

Sponsorship and Brand agreements

Ops procedures and back of house

Preventative stock loss

Customer service techniques

Aftercare service management

Existing Business Consultancy  

Our creative and operational experience in the hospitality industry means we can offer support packages to venues wishing to re-inject life or re-design current concepts. Our team have many creative weapons available to assist struggling or stagnant venues. For example we can look at current stock and leverage any dead stock into beautiful new engaging menus which can help maximise you current revenue streams. Other services may include:

  • New menu development
  • Staff Training
  • Efficiency Service Training
  • GP stock profiling
  • Stock loss and prevention
  • Retro agreements and menu listing fees/sponsorship
  • Assess and Streamline Ops Procedures
  • Review Management Procedures
  • Assessments and performance review
  • Mystery shoopers

Cocktail Menu Development

Our team of amazingly talented mixologists have helped to set international standards and trends of how cocktails should be accepted. We live by our ethos of “Drink Differently”, and as such apply this to every menu we create. Our ground-breaking techniques frequently see drinks served upside down, in take away boxes, zip lock bags, as sorbets, with edible foams fizzes and bubbles.  We have an intense research and development program which ensures that our tailored concepts will be perfectly suited to your target market and corporate identity.

Spirits Wine and Beer Selection

Allow our wealth of knowledge, gained from years of working with many brands and various portfolios to interpret the vast amount of options available into a meaningful and profitable programme. We will always aim to balance the quality of the product with its cost placement within your venue.

We can assist you to ensure you have the best quality products, best retrospective agreements, and all at the most economically viable cost.

Equipment selection and sourcing

Do not make the mistake of ordering 5 of everything from a supplier catalogue or you head bartenders favourite brand. Allow our team to carefully evaluate the needs and requirements of the project impartially. This way we shall ensure that you end up paying the cost for exactly what you need.

Bar Design

Our experience working on a global platform requires us to work on hundreds of different styles of bar. We use this working knowledge to take only the most functional aspects of each when beginning a new bar design.

Our team will work tirelessly with your designers to ensure the final product is not only aesthetic for your guest but functional for your bartenders to work on.

Staff Recruitment

Staff recruitment can be a mine field of bad CV’s and over sold experience. Let us take all this hassle off your hands and look after your interviewing and assessment processes. We frequently drop on the spot tests on interviewees to gauge reactions, and we have our own in house practical training manual which can easily be adapted to use for entrance criteria.

Staff Training

We can offer staff training in the following areas:

Multi Jigga pour training

Free pour training

Single service training

Classical service training

Continual Service training

Multi Service training

Theoretical approach to a systematic bar service

Mixology training

Molecular Mixology training

Flair training

Efficiency service training

Customer interaction training

Customer complaint handling training

Aftercare Consultancy

Our aftercare services help to maintain and monitor the investments we have helped you to instil. These include:

Mystery shopper assessments

Further training assessments

Ongoing monthly support