Shisha Hire – How to Smoke Shishas Safely

8 years ago, Mr Flavour introduced the concept of shisha hire for events Nationwide.  The journey has been a fun one growing people’s experience and interaction with this ancient hobby.

Mr Flavour started with a very traditional approach, which evolved into more visual shishas including LED glass shishas & cocktail flavours.  Our friends at The Shisha Shop also wrote a lovely blog featuring our services for those who fancy a read. For the past 2 years electronic shishas have become more popular and in this blog we explore the safety behind shisha:-

What Is Shisha?

Glass Shisha Hire

If you’re reading this blog, theres a good chance you know what shisha is but heres a quick recap for those who don’t:-

A shisha is a stemmed device designed for smoking flavoured tobacco.  The tobacco is mixed with fruit or molasses sugar and is placed into a clay bowl.  The tobacco is baked in a clay head, using shisha coal and the smoke travels through a water basin before inhalation.

Shishas began in India in the early 17th century and filtered through to the Middle East where fruit flavoured tobacco was introduced.

In the last 5 years, a huge trend in shisha cafes has been seen popping up across cities.  Cafes offer a range of flavours along with drinks for customers to socialise in and have gained popularity.

Is Shisha Harmful?

Based on articles from the NHS & BHF a shisha session is compared to smoking 100 cigarettes.  Sharing mouth tips can be a cause of oral herpes and many more disturbing facts.  Many of these facts are down to negligence, poor hygiene of shishas and poor quality products.

Smoke Shisha Safely

Here at Mr Flavour, our clients & guests safety is taken very seriously. As the UK’s number 1 shisha hire provider and we have a meticulous booking process for events. Our event protocol has been broken down below:-

  1. Once a booking form has been returned based on your requirements, full Health & Safety documents including a risk assessment for the shishas are sent out.
  2. Our shishas are made out of kitchen grade stainless steel and all pipes are made out of silicone.  Perfect for commercial events.  The quality build of the shishas prevents wear and tear & rust entering shishas.
  3. 1 week prior to the event, your shishas go through a strict sterilisation process including steaming of all components of the shishas.
  4. We only use the best quality products for our events, including 100% natural charcoal and fully branded factory tobaccos ensuring our guests are well taken care off.
  5. At all events, mouth tips are unlimited.  Critical to oral hygiene
  6. The shishas are then post sterilised & packages ready for the next event.

Electronic Shisha Hire

Being pioneers of shishas, we launched our electronic shisha hire packages.  3 years on, our electronic shishas have evolved to a flavour list of over 100 flavours. Our range varies from desserts to cocktails to a love-it-or-hate-it range!

Electronic shishas are an alternative to the traditional tobacco based shisha.  Using e-liquids, the electronic shisha is a non tobacco based alternative.  Electronic shishas also reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning with the smoke generated not from a coal or tobacco base.  The perfect alternative for indoor events.