Smoothie Bar Hire

Fresh Healthy Smoothies Created In Front Of You!

Smoothie bar hire by Mr Flavour provide a refreshing and health beneficial element to events. Perfect for exhibitions, experiential events, branding events, under 18 parties, smoothie bar hire packages offer the freshest and finest ingredients being blended in our tried and tested combinations to provide delicious, refreshing and nutritious drinks. All our smoothies are created fresh allowing our guests to choose what fruits/veg they would like to choose in their smoothie. Clients also have the option to brand their smoothie bars and smoothie cups to include logos, writing or ingredients on their bottles.

We only use the finest fruits and vegetables available along with our ‘superfoods’ ingredients including nutritious seeds, dried berries, natural powders and nuts to provide huge intakes of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in an easily digested form. Benefits of using smoothies are by blending ingredients it preserves fibre and a smoothie can deliver a considerable boost of vitamins, phytochemical and minerals due to them often containing fruit skins and piths. By including milk & yoghurt in smoothies, you can get a good calcium source too. Our previous smoothie bar hire events have included create your own smoothies masterclasses, pick your ingredients smoothies or choose from our menu of guaranteed yummy smoothies!

Below are some examples from our smoothie menu to get you started and excited for creating your smoothie bar:-