The Art of Mixology

Today’s blog is designed to introduce our passion for mixology and an in-depth description into mixology, the different techniques of mixology and what options are available to clients. First of all what is mixology and why is it a vital addition to events? Mixology is the art of creating syrups, bitters, garnishes that perfectly blend with other liqueurs, main spirits & cocktail bases to create a perfectly balanced drink. It’s experimenting with techniques, flavours & textures to design unique cocktails that leave a long lasting impression to guests. Bartending is building a relationship with guests and handling the operation of the bar. Both aspects are critical to run a smooth mixology event for any type of event. All events will have a drinks element to them whether it is cocktails, mocktails, smoothies, milkshakes or juices. Mr Flavour use trained mixologists to create perfectly balanced liquid solutions for your event. For this blog specifically we will be looking more at crafting cocktails and how mixology events work in a cocktail environment.

Molecular Mixology Events

Our signature of mixology events. To add that extra ‘wow’ factor in the ever-evolving events industry, Mr Flavour have added molecular mixology techniques to a range of cocktails for a innovative spin on classics, signatures & bespoke cocktails. Molecular mixology is a special practice of mixing drinks using scientific analysis & techniques on a molecular level. Molecular mixology was derived from molecular gastronomy and works in a similar way to food dishes. The purpose of molecular mixology is to manipulate states of liquid matter to create new flavours, textures and visuals that enhance the customer’s experience of drinks. Common techniques used by our staff at events include the use of spherification, gels, foams, mists, liquid nitrogen, dry ice, agarose powder & jellification. You can see the results and options of each technique available on our bespoke cocktail page

How do Mixology Events Work?

Having hosted a diverse range of events, our experienced drinks team can consult with yourself the best way to serve your guests with your liquid concoctions and create a cocktail menu tailored specifically to your requirements. Speak to the team about what type of bar you think will suit your mixology event, what type of mixologists are required, the different types of service available to you and how to personalise your drinks service. All our event packages include full cocktail equipment, bar installation & removal, full events insurance and full glasswear. Interested in Joining Our Mixologists? We are always recruiting to our existing teams of staff for events nationwide. If you are passionate about cocktails & the hospitality industry, email us your CV to be added to our roster for events and come work in a fun, ever evolving industry where every day you get to put smiles on guests faces!