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Types of Events

  • Themed Events
  • Corporate Events
  • Award Ceremonies
  • Birthdays Weddings
  • Christenings

Themed Events

Celebrating a birthday, christening, wedding or another significant life event? Sometimes a modest and conventional occasion simply won’t cut it, and if you want to add a special touch to your event then a bespoke, specialised event might be just the thing for you! Here at Mr. Flavour we offer a wide variety of tailored events to give you the opportunity to express yourself and showcase a different side to you in a party environment, and here we have compiled a short list of some of the events we are able to cater for, and it might just provide you with some inspiration for your upcoming event!

Celebrate Your Themed Occasion in Your Own Unique Way

In this particular blog, we are focusing our attention on themed events. At Mr. Flavour we specialise in bespoke themed event management, and we have an array of themed events which can cater for all manner of different tastes and preferences, and we can tailor your experience to suit exactly what you wish to experience. We are confident that due to the vast range of themed events that we provide, there will be something which appeals to you and represents your personality on a grand enough scale to stage an event. Below is just a sample of the themed events we offer here at Mr. Flavour, for more information feel free to visit our events page.

Express Your Personality with a Themed Event

Themed events are a great way of celebrating an occasion or hosting even a more corporate gathering, as it combines the fun elements of dressing up with the ability to express yourself and show people a different side to your personality and character. Here at Mr. Flavour we specialise in putting on themed events for all manner of different occasions, and we have an extensive range of opportunities for you to enjoy depending on what you’re looking for specifically. Here we are looking into some of the fun and quirky ways people can celebrate their occasions in their own unique manner, and you might find some inspiration here!

You could have the best themed Events Manchester could of possibly offered. Mr Flavour want to make sure that your event is tailoured to you and you only.

List of Themed Event Ideas

Casino Theme 1960s Theme Midsummer Night’s Dream Theme Fire & Ice Theme Circus Theme

Casino Theme

If you’re into gambling, or you simply fancy yourself as the next James Bond, a casino themed event could be just the thing for you! Think whiskey, think cigars, think sharp suits, you can really get into character with this type of event and add an element of sophistication as well as fun to your event, no matter what the occasion is. The beauty of themed events is that you can cater everything to your specific preferences, and a casino event themed event is no exception as it gives you the opportunity to add a classy feel to your event whilst still maintaining that element of entertainment.

1960s Theme

Grab your flux capacitor and travel back in time to one of the most memorable decades in our history. From Beatlemania to the first moon landing, we love the 1960s for a wide range of reasons and this is a great opportunity to celebrate it, or even to experience it for the first time if you’re not quite old enough to remember! The costume ideas are endless, and the theme can be tailored around the things that you remember most fondly from the 1960s, so get your thinking cap on and let’s go back in time!

Midsummer Night’s Dream Theme

One of Shakespeare’s more radical and extravagant tales, if you are a literature fan this is just the theme for you! With a costume choice which could potentially be almost infinite, this is a great opportunity to tell one of the most famous tales ever told, by one of the most famous storytellers of all time, and if you are a Shakespeare fan then this is quite simply as good as it gets.

Fire & Ice Theme

Another theme which can be extremely impressive if put together well, the fire and ice theme is a fantastic way to wow your guests when it comes to putting together a themed event. This can be a spectacular way to celebrate your occasion and will consist of tailoring everything such as the costumes, the bar, the décor, the floor and many more to the theme of fire and ice, and is another excellent way to express yourself and your personality.

Circus Theme

Last but not least, the circus theme is a fantastic theme to get your guests excited and is a good way of representing your character if you see yourself as a bit of a clown. You can set the dress code to fit the circumstances of a circus and even hire professional circus acts to provide the entertainment for the evening, which is an excellent way of helping your event to stand out from the rest. Look no further than a circus theme to tailor your occasion towards if that is something which fascinates you!

Corporate Events

Corporate events are the most effective way of combining the worlds of business and pleasure to discuss formal matters in an informal setting. It can be an excellent way of hosting and entertaining clients and getting the opportunity to converse with them in a more relaxed environment, and corporate events can come in a number of different forms: Seminars Board/Shareholder Meetings Awards

Award Ceremonies

Award ceremonies are an excellent way to celebrate the achievements of those in your workforce or industry, and provide a great opportunity to bring together everyone in your business to acknowledge the leaders in various sections of that industry. These are very often at an impressive venue with esteemed guests in attendance, and can be a great opportunity for networking as well as simply enjoying the occasion and celebrating the high-achievers.

Board/Shareholder Meetings

A corporate event which requires a different sort of setting to the others mentioned, board or shareholder meetings are a great way to discuss the important topics surrounding your business and industry, and are often held at pleasant venues which are designed to fit the participants. This can be something which is arranged annually, monthly or even weekly depending on your needs and requirements, and it is a perfect example of providing events in a more formal setting than the others discussed.


Seminars are a fantastic way to transfer knowledge to and from certain individuals and provide effective teaching in the areas of the industry specific to your needs. Seminars are also typically much shorter events than the other corporate events we have mentioned, which may appeal to business people in the hectic and busy world which we currently live in and might suit your needs and requirements as well.


A child’s christening is a huge milestone in its life, as well as the lives of the parents in the situation. There are a number of ways you can commemorate this occasion, and it will typically involve a church service of some description followed by a party with the guests of the Christening after the main event to celebrate the occasion and to act as something of a get together for all of the attendees to enjoy. Christenings are a large part of the childhood for a lot of families, and it gives the close friends and families a chance to celebrate this as well as announce some of the important decisions such as who are going to be the godparents!


One of the most popular celebrations, birthdays are a great way to bring together family and friends in one setting and provide a fantastic opportunity to catch up with people you’ve not seen for a while as well as those closest to you. There are some excellent examples of ways in which you can celebrate a birthday, and we ourselves provide ample selection when it comes to trying to organise a get together for that reason:

List of Birthday Ideas

Fairytale Party First Letter Party Movie Inspired Party

Fairytale Party

A fairytale party is ideal for young kids who want to dress up as their favourite fairytale character and live out their childhood fantasies. It doesn’t even necessarily have to be for children either, as adults can also get involved in the fun if this is something which appeals to them.

First Letter Party

This is an extremely fun concept which involves dressing up as a celebrity or movie character who shares the same first letter of their first name with yourself. A great way to celebrate a birthday as it allows for expression of personality and is a great bit of fun for all involved.

Movie Inspired Party

Dress up as your favourite movie character and take up the chance to spend the night as the character you’ve always wished you could’ve been. Make sure you come up with a costume idea that is unique as well as stylish if you want to stand out from the crowd!


As time goes on there are more and more weird and wonderful ways to marry the love of your life. Here we have compiled a short list of some of the most common but best ways to host your wedding day, and a little bit about each: Church Beach Pop Culture Theme

Church Wedding

This is the wedding ceremony which is considered to be the most typical of our current culture, and will normally consist of a church service in the day and a night time party to follow it.


Beach weddings are becoming more and more common, as people look to escape the cold weather in England and get married abroad in a picturesque sunset on the beach surrounded by your closest friends and family, what could be better?

Pop Culture Theme

If you want to opt for a more relaxed vibe whilst still expressing the personality and musical tastes of you and your partner, look no further than a pop culture theme to tie the knot when it comes to doing something unique and special.

Classy Themed Event Ideas

Themed events don’t have to be exclusively for fun occasions with your close friends and family, they can also be useful in a more formal context. Here we have compiled a small list of themed event options for you to enjoy in a more corporate setting, all of which are suitable when a smart dress code is required: Great Gatsby People in History James Bond

Great Gatsby

If you want to experience a themed event whilst still maintaining an element of class within the proceedings look no further than these three options. First up is Great Gatsby, which is a fantastic way to express yourself throughout the event, and is perfect for events such as black tie dinners, galas, balls and weddings, and so it is a multi-functional classy themed event in a variety of settings.

Historical People

This allows for a lot of freedom when it comes to selecting an outfit, as well as the decor for the event. Historical people is an excellent classy themed event idea as your guests have a myriad of choice when it comes to deciding who to dress as, and this is in fact our favourite classy themed event idea as it comes with the most room for maneuver in all of these regards.

James Bond

Another excellent choice suitable for black tie dinners is the James Bond theme, a great way to keep an element of class amongst your themed event. Grab your friends or colleagues and set up an unforgettable night replicating 007 and his fellow characters, and look incredibly sharp whilst doing it. James Bond is a fantastic example of a classy themed event, combining the fun elements of dressing up and selecting a theme with a smart dress code suitable for black tie dinners. Whatever you’re drinking on the night, make sure its shaken not stirred!