5 Tips For Party Planning From a Luxury Party Planner

5 Top Tips For Planning Your Next Party

Mr Flavour are luxury party planners and have hosted some lavish events across the country for a range of private and corporate clients.  We have decided to give a few handy tips in throwing your next event:-

Birthday coming up?  Wedding coming up?  Christmas party coming up?  Fear not!  Today’s blog is for you and some handy tips to help you become a  luxury party planner!

Before we get started a few special mentions:-

  • Budget!  

Ask anyone who has organised their wedding, thrown a party or planned a social.  Things can get out of hand very quickly!  By breaking down your budget into each category you can calculate what event suppliers fit best for your budget.  This also helps you spend more on what parts of the event are most important to you.

  • Have a Contingency Plan

Your planning a summer BBQ themed party and everything is based on the summer…Sounds fantastic apart from one problem we live in the UK and weather can most certainly not be our friend!  Consider have a marquee or a popup tent.  If you pull it off in the right way it can look like it was placed there to provide shade rather than in case it rains.  Other scenario could be you’ve found a stunning mansion in the woods to host your luxury party but can’t be found on the sat nav – organise coaches to pick up and drop off your guests!

  • Throw In A Talking Point

You have decided to throw a party, you want people to take notice and talk about your event months after, so give them a talking point!  Consider adding some surprise entertainment or out of the box food & drink or an out there speech!

Lets get started into our 5 main tips from a luxury party planner for your next party

Tip 1:- Be Organised

There is no such thing as starting too early.  Being organised will aid you in many factors.  Treat your party planning as a project.  By being an early bird you will receive many perks such as securing your preferred venue on your preferred date, your preferred event suppliers and gives you enough time to problem solve any issues that come up and believe us there WILL be issues that pop up.  Create a tick list, work your way through it and you are on your way to a fool proof event!

tips for luxury party planner.  Courtesy of Apache Events

Tip 2:-  Have A Toast

By collecting everyone together and having a toast it reminds everyone what the celebration is really about.  It provides the perfect platform for welcoming your guests for coming and it personalises the event providing a memorable and enjoyable moment for you to cherish.  If you are a little shy or afraid of public speaking – have some prompt cards outlining the points you want to mention at your party.

Tip 3:-  Be Smart With Food + Drink

Consider what the priority is with your luxury party planning.  Do you want an emphasis on the drinks flowing?  If so make sure you provide a carbohydrate heavy food option to help soak up the drinks throughout the evening!  Looking to host a more informal dinner?  Consider having food stations as a more informal option.  Theming your party?  Have a themed cocktail menu for your party.

signature cocktail ideas for a luxury party planner

Tip 4:-  Have a #Hashtag

A great way to relive your party is through social media.  Place a hashtag on your menus or on your photobooth so you can look back on your event through instagram.  It provides coverage of your events on social media and gives a talking point to the wider audience of how great your event was!

Tip 5:-  Enjoy Your Party!

It’s very easy to be busy planning your party and making it sure it’s going great and your guests are enjoying themselves.  However remember it is YOUR party so make sure you enjoy it!

If you feel that you still require someone on hand to make sure the party goes flawlessly consider bringing in an freelance event coordinator on the day allowing you to take a step back on the day.  Remember time flies when you’re having fun!