Wedding Bar Hire

Wedding Bar Hire

As you put together the finishing touches on your wedding plans, have you considered a wedding bar hire? Mr Flavour has the answer with our mobile cocktail bar. Not only will we be able to add an air of sophistication to your special day, we’ll bring something more to the event. Our professional bar staff happens to take Mixology seriously and will not only liven up your wedding party but will create drinks unique to your event. For a special enhancement to the wedding celebration, our bar staff will introduce you to show-stopping drinks and delivery techniques.

Add A Little Education To The Mix

Nothing makes a party that much more enjoyable than one where you can have fun and learn something at the same time. With Mr Flavour adding to your wedding with our mobile bar, we can also provide cocktail master classes for those in attendance. Imagine going to a wedding and learning how to mix exotic drinks there. That’s what we do and we can do it as part of your special day to provide your guests with something unique for sharing your day with you.

The Experience We Have Helps Your Event

At Mr Flavour we have highly qualifiedstaff with the knowledge and expertise to take your ideas and put them into action. If your wedding bar hire plans includes us, you’ll get the very best care available. That’s because we are considered leaders in the UK events management industry. That should tell you that we are professional in everything we do. It also means we have the qualifications to not just provide you with wedding bar hire possibilities. We can also plan your wedding as well. We have wedding planners on staff that are enthusiastic and have the knowledge and background to bring you some innovative and unique ideas to set your wedding apart from all others. Contact us at Mr Flavour to discuss this further with our on site experts.

Adding The Personal Touches

When you hire our wedding bar staff you get a lot more than just drink mixers with some nifty moves. We will work with you during the planning stages to get to know you better. Once we build a personal relationship with you, we will be able to better deliver a team of bartenders that will be the best fit for your wedding and personality. It doesn’t matter if you are planning a small, intimate gathering or a massive wedding that will fill a giant venue. Our wedding bar hire services can match whatever and wherever your wedding is going to be and enhance it further.

Your Local Wedding Bar Hire Experts

When you are getting close to your special day, don’t forget to allow for a mobile bar as part of your celebration. At Mr Flavour we can provide that for you and bring an experience of a lifetime to your event as a result. For information, contact us today so we can discuss your plans.