Mocktail Bar Hire

Our Mocktail Bar Hire Service Covers Everything From Religious Celebrations, To Corporate Events & Birthday Parties.

Being liquid caterers, Mr Flavour offer creative and unique options for non alcoholic options too. Our offices create inhouse sugar syrups for a range of fruits which highlight and create sumptous non alcoholic options for events. Whether it is a religious event where alcohol is not relelvant, an under 18 event or a corporate event, have a look at our extensive menus and ask how we can personalise your mocktail bar hire package to your company/event today!

Our mocktail bar hire package provide an easy solution in providing international trends of mocktails & drinks specific to outside events. Our mocktail bar setups are designed for a sleek, theatrical service from our dry ice smoking bars to our liquid nitrogen sorbets being created in front of our guests eyes.

Our mocktail menu has been designed to complement our cocktail menu, staying tru to our tagline of “Drink Differently,” we have come up with creative and colourful garnishes and methods of presenting a range of non alcoholic concoctions and using molecular & science methods to present fruit syrups in alternate ways and create smoky, bubbling, vibrant, glow in the dark drinks to name but a few!


As well as our Internationally renowned mocktails, we are maniupulators of drinks into canape, foams & fizzes board so why not show off your event with some cocktail canapes?  Other unique services we offer in liquid catering include juggling bartenders, firebreathing bartenders, liquid nitrogen ice cream cocktails, signature tasting boards & key note speaking for corporate events.  Check more ways of drinking differently and our latest events on our instagram