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Mobile Bar Hire For Weddings, Festivals & Corporate Events

Mr Flavour are renowned in creating stylish, themed event mobile bar hire packages with options including custom bar builds, cocktail & wedding bar hire packages. Matched with our internationally renowned bartenders, waiters and molecular mixologists, creating a stress free solution to any type of drinks service for any type of event.

A crucial part to any event layout and design is the bar settings, with key duties such as providing the key décor to reception areas, a first point of contact for customers to see branding or to add the theme of your event. We have a vast range of portable bar hire packages designed to fit with any theme, colour scheme, brand and dimensions.

Your mobile bar hire package can be broken down based on key info from your event including; amount of guests attending, room size and dimensions and access to venue. The setup for an outdoor party vastly ranges from the setup for a country house wedding. The more information you can give us, the more specific your mobile bar hire package can be. Your portable bar can vary from any LED colour lit bar to acrylic gold or mirrored bar, our latest addition to our range is our stunning garden white floral bar complete with a 4m white cherry blossom tree.
If you have a custom design specification, we have our inhouse bar designers and fabricators, who create any shape, colour, theme and design event bar hire, perfect for exhibitions, venues and wedding settings. Other options mobile bar hire options can include ice bar hire, ice sculptures, logo imprinted bars and festival bars.
Other factors to include in your mobile bar hire package include fridges hire, drop off ice, glassware hire, waiters, hosts and bartender hire, custom printed menus. Our portable bar units come with dimensions 1.7m segments with a full circle bar having a diameter of 7.5m in total. Other bar shapes include semicircle, oval, straight bar and ‘S’ shape bar.

Our mobile bar units cater for a range for both and corporate events. The bar units are fully customised to include full branding behind lightboxes, branded napkins and branded disposable glassware. Your portable bar can fit in with any colour scheme/shape and can have branded logos served on top of their drink. Speak to our events team today about options for weddings, showcases, offices and exhibitions and your options available on how to serve branded drinks from your branded mobile bar hire package.

Each mobile bar hire package includes a full professional cocktail bar setup which includes a water-resistant resin throughout the bar, glassware shelves, bar mats and bar caddies with full straws, napkins and boston shakers setup. Our packages are perfect for cocktail classes and can be placed opposite each other to create cocktail class stand offs between participants.

Portable bar hire packages start from £200 ex VAT & travel per bar unit. Our portable bars are available Nationwide subject to access and availability. For detailed pricings, please get in touch with one of our team today with full locations, dates and timings of your event.

Along with your portable bar hire packages, we include our mixologist/bartender hire, the option of upgrading to premium glassware, fridges hire, alcoholic stock and non-alcoholic stock. We also offer full setup & takedown on the same day if required.

Our staff are event trained in molecular mixology techniques to add a unique factor to your drinks options. We offer our team to communicate, consult and deliver each event booked with us. We also offer free tastings to our wedding couples to discuss each element of their wedding bar package. Additional staff we offer include waiting staff, hostesses and events logistics should you need vans to transport any stock or items from your event.

Mobile bar hire packages we offer include:

Cocktail Bar Hire

Mr Flavour pride ourselves in providing the largest range of cocktails to events across the country. With options including dry ice infused cocktails, liquid nitrogen frozen alcoholic sorbets, molecular mixology cocktails, glow in the dark UV cocktails and many more. We are constantly creating new cocktails on our never-ending journey to provide a sensory journey and stimulate different senses to increase guests experiences with cocktails.

Choose from our cocktail menu options of classic cocktails with a Mr Flavour twist or a bespoke, theatric cocktail choices labelled our ‘drink differently’ cocktail menu. Our team of talented mixologists use a huge array of cocktail ingredients and expertly balance each concoction to you and your flavour profile.

We have delivered cocktail event bars as part of our mobile bar hire packages across the country and internationally. With a track record of delivering diverse events ranging from 10,000 cocktails in one night to 100 bespoke cocktails and never the same one twice in one evening, Mr Flavour can cater your cocktail bar to any requirement!

How much does cocktail mobile bar hire cost? Well that varies completely dependent on each requirement, but as a general rule, our packages start from £18 per head with a minimum 100 people for a cocktail bar and spirits/wines bar for a 4 hour period. Is Mobile bar hire near me? Fear not as we cover Nationwide!

Wedding Bar Hire

Mr Flavour are involved in a range of weddings each year, we work with many couples in wedding planning, management and delivering wedding drinks. A wedding is a special occasion and we take great care in delivering yours as memorable as possible using our exquisite drinks and our unique bar décor.
How do our wedding bar hire stand out? Well we are full wedding planners, wedding bars is only one of our services so who knows better in delivering wedding drinks than a company who deliver luxury wedding planners as well? Why not consult any other aspect of your wedding with our event planners and see how else we can help you along with your mobile bar hire for weddings. Go across to Mr Flavour Weddings section for more tips and wedding planning advice.

Mocktail Bar Hire

Mr Flavour have previously placed a huge emphasis on non-alcoholic drinks. An area we feel has untapped potential. Using our kitchen base, we create a range of homemade syrups, juices and blends to create a surprisingly diverse range of juice bases perfect for cocktails and mocktails.

Your mocktail event bar hire packages doesn’t necessarily need to contain alcohol and may suit events such as day parties, baby showers, religious events and dry January events. Also suitable for exhibitions and corporate event shows, your mocktail bar package can be branded and perfect for guests interaction on your stand.

Choose from our comprehensive mocktail menu with options including classics, personalised mocktails and the option to add smoothies or milkshakes to your mocktail menu for no added charge. A great way to broaden your menu for your mobile bar hire.

Choose from our thorough mocktail menu your concoctions, whether you prefer classic twists or a more personalised menu, speak to our team today to get some ideas of what options are available to you in regards to your package. Along with our mocktails, we offer the option of smoothies or milkshakes to be added into your mocktail menu for no added charge. A great way to offer a more diverse menu for your mocktail bar package.

Cocktail Making Masterclasses

Booked a venue without a bar? Looking for an activity idea for a room? Wanting a cocktail making masterclass at home? All situations are perfect for our mobile bar hire packages. Our packages include a mixologist teaching you the basics of cocktail making and a step by step guide of how to balance the perfect cocktail. Add a touch of competitive spirit to your cocktail making masterclass with our competiton box option where we challenge you to make a great tasting cocktail from a hamper of ingredients after your masterclass with one of our mixologists!

Smoothie Bar Hire

Smoothie packages have become very popular for clients exhibiting, an alternative to teas and coffees at conferences, blogger events and January events. As a general population, we are much more clued up on our well-being and health, smoothies are a great way for a high intake of good quality nutrients required for a healthy gut and absorption for the body.

Another key point is, Mr Flavour cater for all allergens including dairy free and vegan friendly drinks, smoothies are great options for allergen specific clients. We only use the best locally sourced fresh ingredients with our smoothie bars creating beautiful healthy, fresh smoothies for any event.

Milkshake Bar Hire

Options available with milkshake portable bar hire packages include our milkshake menu, freakshake (over the top garnished milkshakes) and dairy free milkshake options. Your package comes with commercial blenders creating smooth dairy sweet milkshakes combined with fresh ice cream, your favourite chocolates and a range of sauces.

When booking your milkshake bar package, your disposable biodegradable cups are included with biodegradable straws. We try to use as little plastic as possible at all our events and promote an environmental friendly service of all our bar services.

Nitrogen Ice Cream Bar Hire

Mr Flavour’s liquid nitrogen ice cream’s allows you to choose your ice cream ingredients and go through steps 1, 2, 3

1. Choose your ice cream base flavours and what ingredients you want added
2. Watch it freeze in 90 seconds in our -210 degrees cooking bowls
3. Pick your ice cream toppings and sauces

The bar can become fully brandable, lit and include branded ice cream tubs and logo toppers on icecreams. Freezeing at -210 degrees, taste the smoothest possible ice cream with a diverse range of toppings freshly created for every guest. A true innovative experience.

Mobile Juice Bar Hire

Does your company work in the health sector or emphasizes employee wellbeing? Are you looking for an alternative to an alcohol bar? Are you looking for a refreshing, nutritious drink to serve out? If the answer is yes, then a juice bar hire package may be just the thing you need.

Mr Flavour create freshly made juices from locally sourced fruit & veg, to provide the optimum quality and taste. Our menu varies from mixed fruits to herbs and veg blends for you to cater to all tastes. Your juice mobile bar hire package includes commercial juicers, biodegradable glassware and full printed menus, with the option to brand your portable bar if required.

Bartender Hire & Event Staffing Hire

Mr Flavour offer a vast array of mobile bar hire options and offer the option to create a menu with options from all our packages put into one bar. All our staff are trained to deliver in event scenarios, with specialised staff trained in the arts of molecular mixology, theatrical services such as liquid nitrogen handling and for clients looking for an additional ‘WOW’ factor we also have firebreathing bartender hire options if required! We do not use event agency staff with all our staff going through full training at our base prior to any events.

For bar or project consultancy, Mr Flavour offer full support, training, learning & development processes for new launches, existing businesses and festival support. Our mobile bar hire packages offer additional revenue sources in both a temporary event space and a permanent event space too, if required.