Cocktail Fountains

What are cocktail fountains?

Introducing a cocktail fountain as the centerpiece of your celebration is a sophisticated and stylish way to offer drinks to your guests. Ideal for any special event, from weddings to birthday parties, this party fountain captivates as a pump circulates your favorite refreshments through a statue, delivering a delightful cocktail such as a margarita or mojito. With various spouts to choose from, you can effortlessly fill glasses with the drink fountain’s offerings to suit your taste.

Our innovative #drinkdifferently campaign transforms ordinary water fountains into a self-serve LED fountain, elevating your events. Our comprehensive packages include either disposables or glassware, an illuminated LED stand to showcase your drink fountain, the option to have your cocktail fountain serve smoking beverages, complete setup and maintenance during your event, and 30L of your selected drink.

You can view some previous cocktail fountain examples on our instagram