Mr Flavour Partnership With Capital Hospitality

Abu Dhabi Liquid Catering

Mr Flavour is excited to announce a new event partnership with Abu Dhabi based Capital Hospitality.  The new collaboration was created in June with Mr Flavour now offering full liquid catering solutions to events in the stunning Abu Dhabi National Expo Centre.  The partnership has been created to bring the latest international liquid catering trends to Abu Dhabi and events in the Arab Emirates.

Capital Hospitality

Capital Hospitality is fast emerging as a major force in the hospitality industry, and has become a prominent player in the catering industry.  Capital Hospitality’s goal is to provide the quality of service that align with the expectations of our clients and consumers by understanding the consumer base and respond to their needs of taste, trends and time.  Led by the experience of head chef Eugene & his talented team, Capital hospitality cater to the Arab world’s elite and provide internationally renowned catering to a range of functions at the ADNEC.  As an expansion to the mission statment of Capital Hospitality, Mr Flavour has been brought in to consult, liase & manage liquid catering to a standard that has never been seen before in the United Arab Emirates.  For more information on our new event partners take a look at our partners website

Abu Dhabi Services

Mr Flavour are now able to run the following types of liquid catering in partnership with Capital Hospitality throughout the Abu Dhabi National Expo Centre:-

  • Keynote Speaking For Corporate Events On Drinks
  • Brand Experience/Experential Event Marketing Using Drinks
  • Mocktail/Cocktail Bars
  • Milkshake/Smoothie/Juice Bars
  • Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Bars
  • Outside Catering for Events Throughout The Emirates

Upcoming Projects

The Mr Flavour Team have recently been working on a large scale sporting event tendership with Capital Hospitality.  The event brief was to provide innovative, refreshing and original mocktails never seen before in the area.  Taking up the challenge, our talented team of mixologists created a fusion of Arab inspired ingredients and added a little flavour to the tasting!  Complementing a thoroughly thought out catering pitch including sushi lollipops, a London infused plated dinner & a traditional Arabian buffet.  Mr Flavour created a range of mocktails using molecular mixology techniques including smoke infusions, syrup caviar spheres & botanical infusions.

Abu Dhabi Inspired Mocktails

Our consultancy team during our stay looked at creating a mocktail menu which was easily replicated throughout the stands of a venue designed specifically to offer a unique drinks menu without requiring a large expertise team of mixologists allowing venues to maximise profits & speed of service while maintaining quality control throughout the venue.  We accomplished the task by pre batching some of our creations allowing less qualified staff to serve out delicious bespoke cocktails at a quick speed.  Our creations included an almonds inspired cranberry based drink, an amalgamation of peaches & botanicals as well as a twist on the classic espresso martini aptly naming it the ‘Chocolate Mocktini.’

Cocktail/Mocktail Bar Hire For Your Next Event

If our Abu Dhabi inspired mocktails have inspired you to add a twist on your next corporate event or private event, get in touch today to see what concepts we can create for your company or your event!  Need a few more ideas?  Check out our drinks brochure to see what other packages we can create!