Mixologist Hire

Add a touch of elegance to any bar with our mixologist hire packages!

What is a Mixologist?

A mixologist is a professional who specialises in the art of mixology. Mixology is the art of creating and crafting cocktails, and a mixologist is an expert in the field. When it comes to hosting an event, our mixologists provide a fun and unique element to any occasion.  Our talented team of mixologists are specialists in creating visual experiences and delicious cocktails that have been served at events around the world.  We have a range of mixologists specialising in different areas from flairing to dry ice cocktails.

What comes in a Mixologist Hire Package

So a mixologist hire package is the hiring of the specialist bartender themselves.  They will bring all specialist cocktail making equipment but no bar, meaning either you require a bar at your party or if its a smaller occasion we can work from a surface such as a kitchen top.

How much is a Mixologist Hire Package

Our mixologists work on an event by event basis.  As a general rule of thumb, we recommend one bartender per 35 guests for an intimate service and one bartender per 50 guests for a large service.  Staff rates start from £200 minus travel per shift. Check out what our team has been up to recently!

Do you provide glassware?

Absolutely!  We can provide all glassware, bar and additionals that may be needed for any event