Mr Flavour: Making Corporate Events More Personal

On the 6th of July, we brought our showstopping cocktail bar and bespoke catering to a corporate networking event for Altro flooring. They supplied the venue, a gorgeous rooftop terrace on the fourth floor of their Manchester office, and we brought our magical range of bespoke cocktails and our charming staff to give the evening some sparkle. We were even lucky enough to catch some rare Manchester sunshine!

Our bar menu for the evening featured a choice of 5 enchanting cocktails: Strawberry Sage Sling, Ginny Hendricks, Smashing it up, Strawberry and Lychee Martini, and Singapore Sling. Many of you might have had a Singapore Sling before, but not the way Mr Flavour makes a Singapore Sling. We start off by chilling a Collins class with dry ice, then shaking together gin, pressed pineapple juice, fresh lemon and bitters. Then we add a spoonful of Mr Flavour’s special handmade molecular red Cointreau caviar before pouring over our shaken mixture, and this is where the magic happens: the dry ice sets the caviar into motion, sending bright red bubbles dancing around your glass.

Altro flooring is the first choice for many architects, interior designers and other creative industries, so when organising this networking event, it was Altro Showroom Manager Lauren’s top priority to appeal to the creative side of her guests. Creativity is what we do; when working with Mr Flavour, you don’t just get a package deal with a restrictive and monotonous drink selection, you get a completely personal service and a truly magical experience for your guests. And although we specialise in creating unique and original cocktails, we also served beers, wines and soft drinks, so we really did have something for everyone. Last year we supplied the bar for Altro’s end of year party so we were really pleased to work with them again.

Our charismatic and enthusiastic Event Manager Lewis was overseeing proceedings on the evening, summarising the Mr Flavour experience by saying, ‘it’s not just about smashing drinks out, it’s about having a chat and interacting with clients and adding personal touches to the way we serve people’. This thought was echoed by Lauren from Altro, who felt that our approach fits in well with her company motto: designed for possibilities, made for people. Working with Mr Flavour is just that: made for people. Whatever your event planning requirements, our charming and passionate team will get to know you and create an experience which is completely tailored to your personality. We will impress your guests with our remarkable creations and you can relax and enjoy your event knowing that we have everything taken care of behind the scenes. If you want to infuse some personality and sparkle into your corporate events, get in touch and we’ll talk about injecting some Mr Flavour magic in to your event.