Top 5 Best Summer Shisha Mixes by Mr Flavour

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Having hosted shisha events across the Nation for over 5 years for a range of high profile events including celebrity parties, musical after parties & high end corporate parties.  Some of our guests include the mighty Drake enjoying a Mr Flavour shisha, Premiership footballers & TOWIE stars. Mr Flavour have decided to do a top 5 of some of the most popular flavour concoctions we created over the summer for you shisha enthusiasts to try at home.

Our flavour choices ranges from Dubai, American, Arabian & German flavours…we take our flavours seriously!  Therefore next time you’re in a shisha cafe keep an eye out for some of the lesser known flavours mentioned in the blog!

5. Al Fakher Pommegranate, Al Fakher Kiwi, Al Fakher Mint

We start of with the Godfather of shisha flavours – Al Fakher.  Pretty much found in every cafe around the world, Al Fakher can be recognised by their red dye tobacco.  The pommegranate, kiwi, mint combination has been a favourite of ours for years.  The mixture of the 3 flavours creates a fruity summer smoke with a refreshing mint kick at the end.  Also works particularly well when placed in a pineapple fresh fruit head which tends to increase the smoking period of your flavour.

4.  Irn Bru (unknown) & Starbuzz Blue Mist

In 2016 the Irn Bru flavour swept across the shisha cafes across the UK.  Some claiming it came from London, some in Nottingham the stories are endless!  However one thing, whatever the molasses mixed into the tobacco it was a resounding hit.  The demand for irn bru overtook its supply and became a rarity at times.  The irn bru flavour particularly complemented the American starbuzz Blue Mist, a blueberry mint special combination.

3.  Social Smoke Voltage & Al Fakher Mojito

Now what kind of cocktail company would we be if we didnt recommend you a cocktail shisha!  Seriously refreshing combination here joins the American brand social smoke with their, lemon, watermelon and a hint of amaretto flavour named voltage with the lemon, lime, mint mix of Al Fakher’s mojito.  Works particularly well in our glass shishas with fresh mint leaves in the base, touch of amaretto and fresh limes.  The perfect afterwork shisha!

2.  Seven Nights Chai Latte & Al Fakher Mint

A hugely popular flavour in Germany and across Europe, chai latte shishas have become a compulsory amoung hookah fans in the continent.  Our particular favourite version is the seven nights tobacco version.  A particularly smooth smoke the subtle spices of the chai latte tobacco provide the perfect complement to a fresh mint tea/Arabic tea/coffee whatever your hot beverage of choice is!  This combination particularly suits after meal shishas or a more relaxed ambience shisha session.

1.  Starbuzz Pink, Al Waha Mango Lemonate & Fantasia Cuban Mojito

The team stumbled upon this combination on our travels earlier in the summer and has been our go to combination every since!  Starbuzz Pink, a refreshing raspberry & lemonade tobacco aligns with Al Wahas mango lemonade finished off with the aftertaste of Fantasias Cuban mojito is just a winner from start to finish.  The amalgamation of the 3 flavours creates a balanced fruity smoke with a particularly limey mint aftertaste.  If you ever have this combination served to you at one of our events, you’re clearly doing something right as our staff have been known to particularly hold back on this combination for personal reasons!

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