What is liquid nitrogen ice cream?

If you’re interested in culinary trends, you’ll find liquid nitrogen freezing fascinating.  Mr Flavour now have the ability to create nitrogen bars and allow you to choose your nitrogen product from ice creams, sorbets, alcoholic cocktail sorbets, marshmallows, popcorn and much more!

For this blog we will concentrate on nitrogen ice cream, it’s the new, trendy way of making ice cream rapidly. It involves what you would expect – ice cream made using liquid nitrogen. Avant-garde chefs and culinary artists really dig this kind of thing. But the truth is everyone can enjoy liquid nitrogen ice cream. Here at Mr Flavour, for instance, we offer liquid nitrogen ice cream bars for events. If the idea tickles your taste buds then here are the answers to some commonly asked questions to help explain what liquid nitrogen ice cream is:

How is liquid nitrogen ice cream made?

First, you mix the ingredients with cream and sugar, as you would to make ice cream the regular way. Ingredients might include different flavourings, nuts, chocolate chips, berries…whatever you fancy. Then you pour the liquid nitrogen at -210°C into the mixture. At this point you’ll be mesmerised by the smoke tumbling from your dish. It’s very exciting! Stir after a little while and the mixture freezes in as little as 30 seconds to make ice cream.

Is liquid nitrogen ice cream safe?

According to the experts, liquid nitrogen needs to be used by trained chefs. It can be dangerous if you don’t handle it properly. Before serving a drink or ice cream made with liquid nitrogen, it needs to be evaporated properly. The point is liquid nitrogen can be used safely to prepare foods, but by no means should you ingest the stuff.

What does liquid nitrogen ice cream taste like?

So, within ice cream you have air, fat and ice. Making ice cream with liquid nitrogen means smaller ice crystals than ice cream that’s made in a freezer. The smaller crystals give a smoother, creamier texture, so that the ice cream is more pleasant to eat.  Another interesting aspect of making ice cream this way is that cold temperatures inhibit the taste buds’ ability to taste sweetness. But this is not a bad thing at all. When the liquid nitrogen ice cream warms up on your tongue, it gives more of an explosion of sweetness and flavour.

Why use liquid nitrogen to make ice cream?

Aside from the taste benefits, there are lots of reasons why liquid nitrogen ice cream is so popular. For one, the whole experience is magical. As the chef makes it in front of you and the plumes cascade from the dish, you will certainly hear some gasps of delight from the people around you. It’s all about the show. What’s more, because the ice cream is made so quickly, it’s fascinating for people. The liquid mixture turns to delicious ice cream that you can eat in seconds. It may be science but it seems like magic.

Now that you know all about liquid nitrogen ice cream, we’d be surprised if you didn’t want to give it a try. Why not hire one of our liquid nitrogen ice cream bars for your next event or party?