Top 5 Last Minute Christmas Party Planning Tips

Top 5 Last Minute Christmas Party Planning Tips?

As we reach the end of November, there are 2 hot words on everyone’s tongues early December: CHRISTMAS PARTY!  The venue is booked, the tickets are in, all event suppliers are booked in, you’re all done right – unfortunately far from it!  If your Christmas party planning was done without an event planner either external or internal you risk your Christmas party to fall flat like a month-old glass of prosecco.  Mr Flavour can’t have this and therefore are here to provide you with our top 5 last minute Christmas party planning tips:-

Christmas Party Planning Tip 1:- Plan Towards Your Employees

Remember what you are even hosting an office Christmas party for?  To aid team morale, bring the team together and boost how the team feels for working with your company.  Think deeply about your company’s ethos; are you a young hip techy company or a divorce lawyer firm?  Target your staff accordingly.  Your Christmas party provides you a blank canvas to paint how fun your company is to your employees so stay away from boring generic monotonous Christmas party planning ideas like a glass of sparkle, sitdown meal and a DJ to finish!

Christmas Party Planning Tip 2:- Use Food & Drink To Set The Tone

Food & Drink are critical to your Christmas party planning: the days of a glass of fizz and some cold canapes are long gone!  Think outside the box when you are outside the office!  Reaffirm your brand with ideas such as branded cocktail bar hire, branded cupcakes, branded glassware.  On top get the team feeling ‘Christmassy’ with bespoke cocktail receptions & themed canape options.

Christmas Party Planning Tip 3:- Have Team Building Entertainment

Don’t let your party just be a sitdown meal and a busy bar, entice your employees to get off their feet, communicate and more importantly have a laugh together.  How do I do this you ask?  Simple, put fun games into play: cocktail masterclasses, chocolate making masterclasses, arcade games, AI games whatever your budget is don’t underestimate the importance of inter-employee interaction.

Christmas Party Planning Tip 4:- Keep a Surprise Up Your Sleeve

Employees go into a Christmas party expecting it to be like every other party, want them to remember this years?  Do something that no one was expecting!  Again, depending on what kind of company you are or represent this can completely vary.  Previous Xmas secrets we have pulled out include a drag Alice performing at an Alice in Wonderland themed Christmas party, a custom designed ice bar of the name of the company to the MD of one party coming out on a sleigh with real life reindeers!  The idea is to have a talking point for the weeks ahead!

Christmas Party Planning Tip 5:- Enjoy The Party!

Sounds so obvious right?  But actually, such a critical part to it!  Put in little foolproof details to make sure everyone has a good time; brief your DJ on a music playlist required to cater for most of the team, make sure you leave lots of time for everyone to enjoy themselves so get all entertainment and food out with over 2 hours left to boogie your Christmas party away!

Need help organising or ensuring the perfect Christmas party for your company?  Mr Flavour can help whatever level your Christmas party planning is at.  Contact us today or call 0203 633 3826