Molecular Mixology

Futuristic Cocktails Now Available!

The evolution of drinks, molecular mixology introduces the scientific techniques of molecular gastronomy into drinks. Cocktails can now be served completely different to the ‘generic’ cocktail. Cocktail spherification as seen above explodes in the mouth, cocktail caviar can now be added to fizz, edible cocktails, multi layerred cocktails, lava style cocktails, cocktails with flavour infused foams and much more have come to the market.

Cocktails In Fire Dining

Mr Flavour are leaders of bringing this fine dining sensation to events with our molecular mixology drinks being featured across London, Abu Dhabi and many other cities. Let our team of experts go into our labs and concoct wonderful cocktail creations completely bespoke for your events. Our previous events include cocktail caviar branded to the colours of our clients logos, herb infused foams for ‘healthy cocktails’ and cocktail canapes for awards shows. Many of our molecular mixology techniques can be found in our Drink Differently cocktail menus.