Flair Bartending Shows

Put On A Show With Your Drinks

Flair bartending is the art of entertaining guests or audiences with bar equipment. Flair shows often include circus-like skills such as bottle juggling, flipping, manipulating liquids, closeup hand dricks and in some cases firebreathing! Flair is showmaship where the audience is engaged by the theatrics and character of your bartender to enhance their experience with their drinks. The combination of flair and mixology create a superior showcase of what can be done with cocktails.

What Type Of Events Suit Flair Bartending

Flair bartending is perfect for a range of events.  Wherever an extra element is needed or an added emphasis at the bar, flair works well in contributing an engagement factor to your guests or clients.  We have ran flair bartending bars for events such as:-

  • Company Stalls At Expos
  • Experiential Campaign Events For Companies
  • Experience Days
  • Masterclasses For Employees
  • Specialised Shows At Weddings/ Private Shows
  • Launches & Opening Nights Of Bars/Venues/Events

What Types Of Flair Shows Are Available

So you have decided to want the wow factor, now its time to choose how we are going to wow your guests and what styles and skills we will use for your show:-

  1. CLASSIC FLAIR – Classic flair shows provide mixologists with skills in bottle flipping & juggling putting together a show behind the bar while constructing your cocktails
  2. TANDEM FLAIR – Tandem flair is a well choreographed performance by 2 mixologists in classic flairs skills
  3. FIREBREATHING FLAIR – Firebreathing flair adds the element of fire to the classic flair show
  4. NEON FLAIR – Neon shows consist of the show being performed with glow in the dark bottles, liquids and glassware

Speak to one of the team today to discuss what kind of bespoke show can be done with your event and how we can make your drinks stand out from all others!