Mobile Juice Bar Hire

Juice Your Way To Good Health

Mobile Juice Bar hire provides a great way to pack your diet full with fruits and vegetables to reduce your risk for chronic conditions and diseases and also provides other benefits such as weight management, control blood sugar levels and provide essential nutrients to maintaining a healthy body. Our mobile juice bar hire packages provide a great way to give back to staff, promote healthy wellbeing or provide an alternative at your next conference.

Does your company promote healthy wellbeing? Is your company based in healthcare or sell health products? Or does your company want to do a detox theme for an event?

With the recent influx of juice health bars on the high street, juicing has become a popular trend for the get fits, and health conscious customer.  Juicing provides an easy way to increase daily recommendations of fruit and vegetables.  By juicing raw fresh ingredients, delicious easy to drink juices provide immune boosting beverages to customers.  Our mobile units can be setup anywhere to deliver freshly made juices to guests with the added option of branding glasswear and the bar to reinforce a brand. Recent trends have also shown ‘juicing’ diets as a body cleanse and these have been popular to promote at events. We provide tailor made health boosters that are designed to fill our guests with energy and provide a great healthy alternative to coffee and other caffeine based products regular seen at events. Our juices are all 100% natural made from the finest ingredients and are made completely fresh for every customer to aid the best quality product for our guests.  We have a range of juice bar hire options including fruit mix juices, veg mix juices and fruit, veg & seeds mix juices.  All designed to be completely fresh, nutritious and tasty.

Your mobile juice bar hire package includes:-

  • Mobile juice bar hire unit
  • Commercial juicing equipment hire
  • Mr Flavour juicers staff
  • Full setup, travel and cleaning
  • Biodegradable juicing cups & plastic free straws

Mobile Juice Bar hire packages are perfect for:-

  • Exhibitions
  • Offices
  • Alcohol replacement bars
  • PR campaigns

Discuss with us your mobile juice bar hire requirements with options including branding your LED lit juice bar, branded non plastic cups, drop off freshly squeezed juices to offices and our custom exhibition juice bar hire packages.  You also have the option to add smoothies into your juice menu.

Go through our juice and smoothies menus and decide what pick-me-ups you and your colleagues need for your event!

Mobile Juice Bar Hire
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Mobile Juice Bar Hire
We have a range of freshly squeezed juice bar hire packages designed for a range of events. Using our commercial juicing equipment, serve your guests freshly squeezed nutritious juices at your exhibitions, PR campaigns and offices.